Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 3

16:45: Your Internets are Leaking. The talk starts with a Wireshark realtime display of the local net projected up on the front screen. Funny.

16:39: I left my parka behind in an earlier session. I return to that room to find it still on the back of the chair in which I was sitting.

15:45: Efficient Multi-core Application Architectures. The speaker defines “CPU” and “concurrency” in ways that I find odd, but I can roll with it. He knows his stuff re: processes, k/u threads, fibers, and co-routines. Comparison of Apache HTTP server 2.x and Lighttpd. Event and threading models.

14:30: Relational vs. Non-Relational. A DBMS survey. Great talk. Josh is smart. I’ll post a link to the slides, once I have it. A good percentage of the audience expected Josh to give a highly partisan pro-SQL talk, which was funny, because in my few interactions with him I’ve found him to be extremely reasonable and insightful. As he was here.

13:30: Infrastructure as Code. Adam Jacob, Opscode CTO, is the speaker. I hope this isn’t a glorified marketing spiel. Nope, it isn’t. SOA, configuration management, systems integration. A good talk about infrastructure tactics. He started with a survey, then asked the audience for topic suggestions. A great overview of configuration management tools (e.g., ChefPuppet, Bcfg2).

10:00: How to write quality software using the magic of tests. A better title would be, “Writing quality software using tests,” but I’m being a curmudgeon. This is starting off slower than I expected. I’d be stunned if any attendee didn’t already know about testing, test runners, etc. Thirty minutes in, we’re hearing about dependency injection, ahhh. Ooops, now we’re hearing how best to do test-driven development. And testing war stories. Eh…

9:07: Keynote address by Sam Adams. Mayor Adams brought five members of his administration with him. Would Seattle’s Mayor do the same? (Answer: No.)

8:15: Chatting with another attendee about Django.

7:57: Chilling in the hacker lounge. Portland Mayor Sam Adams is giving today’s keynote.

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