Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 4

15:30: Ending keynote and session wrap-up.

14:30: NSFW. Don’t remember what this is, but the name intrigues. Heh, among other things, fun with Chat Roulette.

14:15: It was.

13:30: Advanced Trolling. This should be good.

12:06: Lunch…

10:15: UX and usability discussion.

9:04: Selena puts up slide saying this is the FINAL DAY. Gah! Not of all reality!

9:01: Getting under way. Cap’in, the engines donna work and there’s nothin ah kun duu aboo’ it.

8:46: Today’s the unconference day. I’m dragging. Warp engines are off-line. I’m still rebooting this morning. Lights on but nobody’s home. Pick your favorite analogy.

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