Review of CLEAR WiMAX in Seattle

(Read parts I, II, and III.)

Yesterday, I did another speed test with CLEAR‘s level 1 tech support. (I.e., the reps you get by dialing 1-888-888-3113.)

CLEAR’s support rep said they had done no work on my ticket, but they wanted to do another speed test anyway. Hrm. No work at all? None.

The results: My bandwidth is now about 5Mbit down, 1Mbit up. I no longer have a basis for a complaint, so I asked them to close my problem ticket.

Why is it now 5Mb/1MB, when three weeks ago it was 1/10th that? There’s no explanation. CLEAR claims they did no repairs that would have affected my connection. And I didn’t do anything here to affect it. Yet it’s much faster. It’s a mystery of God’s creation.

Does this happy if unexplained ending let CLEAR off the hook? No. Their customer & technical support were atrocious. They were never straight with me about when they’d work on my problem — indeed, they’re now saying they did no work! And regardless, my connection bandwidth is still below their advertisements, but not sufficiently bad so that I’d complain about it. Which, I’m sure, their financial bean counters are counting on.

For the record, Qwest customer and tech support is 1,000,000,000,000 times better than CLEAR’s, and their DSL product is rock solid. “If I knew then what I know now,” I wouldn’t have switched. But it’s finally working satisfactorily, so I’m going to leave well enough alone.

2 thoughts on “Review of CLEAR WiMAX in Seattle

  1. I’ve been having similar issues with them in the Austin, TX area for some time now. I tried their chat support one night, and got told that, and I quote, “Surge protectors generate harmful microwaves that can interfere with our equipment.”

    I kid you not, sir.

    I am seriously thinking about telling them to stick their service where the monkey put the peanut, contract be damned.

    1. Update: I’ve filed a complaint with the WA Attorney General’s office. You, and every other frustrated customer, should do the same in your state.

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