Open Source Bridge 2011: Day 2 Liveblog

1900: Guided Tour of IRC, Peter Fein. This promises to be a treat, listening to he of Telecomix renown. Hmm, should I use Colloquy or Snak on OS X? We venture onto the Telecomix IRC server. Then we venture onto AnonNet. Ooooo!

1545: Testing Antipatterns, Matt Robinson. Not running tests often enough. Not fixing broken tests before committing new code. Tests are too slow. Inaccurate mocking. Etc. This was one of those, “I’m glad I don’t see myself in these slides,” talks.

1430: The Big Data Exploratorium: Data Mining, from Patents to Memes, Devin Chalmers. (I had too many carbs at lunch, hoo boy.) A ton of great ideas here for IP Street, if only we had the resources to look into them.

1330: Designing Error Aggregation Systems, Gavin McQuillan. Mexican lunch is sitting heavy, I fear the carb overload may dull my normally razor-sharp senses. The talk starts with, “Why not?” LOL.

In this conference, I often hear Redis positively mentioned…

I learned about Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8. My life is complete.

1000: No More Joins, J. Chris Anderson, Nuno Job, and Roger Bodamer. A panel discussion. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. ORMs obscure the true nature of many relational transactions. I raised the point that FKs exist to represent data relationships, and if you envision a data universe without any relationships, you’ll need to move complexity to a different stack level. I’m not anti-NoSQL, I’m anti-zealotry.

Ad hoc queries. I want to use CouchDB more in the future, I used it on a small person project but never on a large commercial project. OTOH, I’m also reminded of the snark about the new NoSQL bicycle wheel — it eliminates overhead by removing the spokes and axle.

0900: Data Science in the Open, John Taylor. Kind of early for math, but here we go. RapidMiner and R are the most widely used data mining tools in 2011. Nice overview. I wish I was smarter at maths.

Updated as the day unfolds…

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