Open Source Bridge 2011: Day 4 Liveblog

1530: Closing ceremony, conference feedback, etc. Lots of chatting. Spirits are high. Lots of commentary. I’m sure the Open Source Bridge staff will be sifting through them (and the online survey forms) for a few weeks.

1422: couchdbkit or couchdb-python?

1304: Pasta and meatballs that were quasi-Italian. Then back to CouchDB.

1205: I’ve successfully built and installed CouchDB. I rule.

1122: Having that doughnut an hour ago was not smart. Besides dilithium crystal fluctuations, I’m having a good time trying to install CouchDB on my MBP, chatting, and doing some reading.

0940: None of the 1015 sessions appeal to me. So I’ll read up on CouchDB and/or surf and/or zone out for now.

0908: The unconference scheduling commences.

This is the unconference day. Updated as the day unfolds…

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