We still haven’t upgraded our iPhone 3GS to a 4S. We’re now less then two months until the end of that phone’s contract, so I’ll take another run at them this week.

This week, I suddenly got a hankering to dive into GNU Emacs customization. Every 10 years I go berserk with it, like a recurring fever. ::cracks knuckles::

The WIPO patent work in my job hit a speed bump. It was of the, “walk into a dead-end, turn around and back up,” variety. There were some challenges with Kind Codes, but now I’m past them, a little older and wiser for the experience. This next week will see me fold it into the trunk, try the code in a staging system, and perhaps start inventing new name extraction heuristics. Neato.

We have three cats. Two of them are pushing 19 years of age, and one of those, Max, is on the way out. He’s losing nearly 4 oz each week. There’s no specific illness…his intestines have just shut down and he’s not absorbing nutrition anymore.


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