My Wacom Bamboo Stylus

My new Bamboo Stylus arrived today! It’s just long enough so that the upper inch or so rests in the space between my index finger and thumb, and hefty enough so that I feel it there. I don’t have the specifications handy, but I’d say it weighs slightly more than a typical rollerball pen, but less than a typical fountain pen.

See here?

First doodle with the stylus

This definitely opens the door to more detailed drawing. I’ll need to master the “wrist protection” mode, though. Wrist protection disables screen input in a variable region that’s defined by a movable marker, so that your hand can rest on the screen without drawing spurious lines.

I haven’t mastered the art of setting the marker at just the right spot to give enough room to draw, yet enough resting space for my hand. I kept fiddling with it up and down. (Well, I’ve owned the stylus for only 20 minutes…)

I think I’ll take this into work tomorrow and try copying an existing whiteboard diagram into the iPad using Noteshelf.

I’ll need a new iPad case. Arg! The stylus comes without a case, which is fine since a case would represent yet another separate thing to carry. I’ll want to carry the stylus with the iPad or else I’ll lose it, or damage the tip. My current case is an stm skinny, and it’s been decent but it doesn’t have a stylus holder.

My iPad diagramming series:

10 thoughts on “My Wacom Bamboo Stylus

  1. I too really like the STM skinny case. Is there any other way to transport the stylus? With other pens or something?

    I haven’t really seen anyone get the stylus case thing right yet, so keep us posted on the solution you come up with.

    1. My first thought was to get a stylus holder add-on for the stm case.

      All I’ve found so far are holders from Quiver Global. I don’t know how good a leather strap will look on my “licorice red” stm case. And I can’t see paying as much for a stylus quiver as I did for the case!

  2. Update: A friend suggested I velcro a baggie to my case and put the stylus in the baggie. Um, no. I’m geeky but not that geeky.

    I do have the stylus in a baggie, though. In my pocket.

  3. Did you find a case yet? If not, I still recommend the Portenzo cases – you can add on a stylus holder if you want it (as well as a stand, a camera hole, your name, etc.) I’ve got wingtip black/red.

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