Nook networking blues

My wife owns a NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Our home router in an Apple Airport Extreme, the latest model.

The NOOK worked flawlessly when she first got it. But starting three weeks ago, it forgets our home network credentials about once a week.

Nothing’s changed in our network configuration. The Airport’s location hasn’t changed. No other electronics in the house have moved. We don’t have any new electronics.

We asked for help at the Barnes & Noble on Pine Street. The help desk person said, “Gee, it hooks up to our network just fine, so, it must be your wireless router.” She was not helpful.

Nothing else in our house has network connectivity problems! Not my personal MBP, my work MBP, my wife’s iMac, my iPad, or our two iPhones. Only the NOOK has a problem.

I wonder if its NVRAM (or whatever it uses to remember network credentials) is sick. But this thing is only a few months old.

No, I don’t have network sniffer software, nor do I want to download a sniffer and learn out to use it. I shouldn’t have to resort to that for an e-reader.


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