Where my time’s going

I’m not doing much blogging lately. Obviously.

I’ve spent lots of time at work. We’re doing a big release in January, and there’s no end of bugs to fix, features to tweak, and QA logs through which to grep. It’s not a death march by any means, but it is, I admit, a bit of a grind. Far more time is being spent on technology integration than is ideal, and I had expected.

It’ll be good to get it behind us. I’m looking forward to being able to make some strategic technology and process choices afterward.

I’m looking forward to replacing my 2008-vintage MBP at home with a new model, probably in February.

End of report.

2 thoughts on “Where my time’s going

  1. Replacement of my vintage 2008 MBP was forced due to a hardware failure. The new machines are quite nice. I recommend 8GB and at least the mid-level processor. I’ve had a few issues with 10.8.2 and sleep/hibernate.

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