Lake Union

The view from a friend’s Lake Union condo. Gosh, I love living here!

Lake Union, looking east

2 thoughts on “Lake Union

  1. I use google reader (now feedly) to follow your blog – and I’m almost a neighbor… Live on the north end of Lake Union… I run around Lake Union alot, and my question for you and your vantage point – What goes on at China Harbor? I know it’s just a restaurant, but somethings seems fishy….

    1. Funny you should bring up China Harbor. My wife and I don’t understand how they stay in business, either. We used to own a boat moored at a marina about .2 miles north of China Harbor. We ate there once. It was…OK. Not terrible, not great. It was…meh. It’s prime real estate and a rather imposing edifice. I don’t know they stay in business, either. But hey there’s different tastes for everyone.

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