PyCon, day 2

Another great day of talks.

How to Write Reusable Code. Best advice of the day, “Functions should return a result or have a side-effect, but not both.” I never heard it suggested before, or thought of it myself. A great guideline for increasing code’s maintainability and testability!

Update: TIL this is called Command-query separation.

Ansible Beyond YAML. This was interesting, but beyond my needs now.

Technical Debt: The code monster in Everyone’s Closet. Great talk by @nnja about the smells and gunk that happen in real-world projects, and suggestions for dealing with them.

Achieving Continuous Delivery: An Automation Story. Good talk by Ansible’s Director of Core Engineering. Use Ansible from day one, try to never ssh manually into servers, etc. All common-sense practices, but with an “Ansible slant.”

Create your own WSGI Deployment Adventure. Great talk about WSGI connections. Funny web page and video that went along with it!

Lessons Learned with Asyncio. I’m still not working in Python 3, and listening to this walk-through of using the new asyncio package just makes me more restless. (At work we have to support Python 2.6!)

A big win today was using redis, python-rq and/or django-rq, and RQ Scheduler as a Celery alternative. If I were starting a new project or reconsidering Celery in existing code, I’d give this combination a shake-down right quick. Joe Bob says check it out.

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