Bye Twitter

I’ve left Twitter. I can no longer tolerate their arbitrary rules that favor the powerful and the fraudulent.

8 thoughts on “Bye Twitter

      1. (switching to WP profile) – oh I meant subscribing to the feed. Sorry, still on first coffee.

  1. I just did this. More negatives than positives. Also this

    “Mr. Lanier is one of the few prophets who admits that the spawn of Silicon Valley could become evil, but he tries to stay on the sunny side. It helps that he avoids all social media.

    “The popular ones are designed for behavior modification,” he says, wearing his usual black T-shirt and black pants. “It’s like, why would you go sign up for an evil hypnotist who’s explicitly saying that his whole purpose is to get you to do things that people have paid him to get you to do, but he won’t tell you who they are?””

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