PyCon 2017, day one

17:33: I’m bushed. I planned on attending the lightning talks and then the conference dinner, but I feel my control rods auto-inserting and I know it’s best to pace myself.

Great talks on Python 3.6 performance and antiquated Python anti-patterns. A very good talk about conda. And a talk about pdb that started off at a beginner level (and so was disappointing; I had expected it to be at a different level) but then contained unexpected nuggets of useful information. I love serendipity!

Tonight I’m chilling and going to sleep early.

10:35: Jake VanderPlas described Jupyter’s usefulness for the scientific community far better than I did yesterday. Immersive IDE, iterative, experiments, sharing!

07:43: I hate swag bags. They’re an anachronism that needs to die. So wasteful. I know conferences must raise sponsorship money, but they’re going to die eventually and PyCon ought to be a leader here. My entire bag went into the recycling bin.

06:49: Up for the day and eager for it to start! Not sure how I’ll update this or even if I will. There will be something like eight talks, three addresses, who knows how many lightning talks, and maybe some unconference-ish meetings today. Perhaps I’ll just list notable topics and thoughts.


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