The CMB/Seattle office opens!

We’re in! We’ll outfit the office the rest of this week. (Get a rug, some plants, fiddle with the desk arrangement, etc.)

It’s fun to be back in the same WeWork I was in when I worked for CBRE. Our office is an interior office for now, so we won’t have to contend with roasting in the afternoon sun. Molly still works here, which is nice.

And a third person started working for CMB/Seattle. These are exciting times!

3 thoughts on “The CMB/Seattle office opens!

  1. *blinks*

    Is there a mouse-following star field effect going on? I really hope there is, though I’m due to get my eyes checked regardless.

    Anyways congratulations to all on the new/old space!

    1. Ha! That’s a free WordPress feature in the winter months. It’s a “snow falling effect” that’s available on blogs. Doesn’t it make you feel festive?

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