Ember customer service

I’ve had a 10 oz. Ember coffee mug for years. A friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

If you don’t know what an Ember mug is, it’s a mug with a built-in rechargeable battery, heater, temperature and accelerometer sensors, colored LED status indicator, and Bluetooth. And it has a smartphone app. Your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate stays at 130°, 132°, or whatever temperature you set it to, and it tells you when it’s reached its target temperature. It comes with a convenient charging coaster.

This is a sweet item! After you’ve owned a Bluetooth-controlled heated coffee mug for a while, let me tell you there’s no going back.

Anyway, mine is so old that Ember doesn’t sell this model anymore. It’s been superseded by the 10 oz and 14 oz. Ember Mug2.

I recently noticed that the mug’s bottom (on the inside) was losing its ceramic coating.

This is from years of use. I’ve always treated it right, but half a decade of coffee and tea did a job on the bottom surface. It was the first model of its kind, so it’s understandable that the bottom eventually wears out. I’ve had regular mugs that developed cracks and had to be tossed in less time.

Anyway. I contacted Ember customer service about it, gave the mug’s age and described the delamination symptoms, and asked about my options for replacing it.

At best, I hoped for a discounted replacement, maybe at 75% of the retail price of a new Mug2. That would have been a nice deal. At worst, they’d merely be sympathetic and say, “Gosh we’re sorry to hear that. You can order a replacement on our site.” That would’ve been a little disappointing but I wouldn’t have complained.

Lo and behold, they replaced the mug for free! They sent me a new 10 oz. white Mug2! The newer model! They just needed a photo of the mug’s serial number, and then promptly shipped me a new mug, and it arrived today. No fuss, no back-and-forth! Just… Here!

Ember customer service is A-1 Platinum-grade Aces!!

They’ve got a customer for life now. And I’ve got a brand new mug!

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