My new job

My job search’s three finalists were Brex, Datadog, and NexHealth. Three super interesting companies, at different stages of growth, in different industries. And three singularly enjoyable interview processes.

Who did I ultimately choose? I chose Brex.

And today I start my new job! I’m in a team that’s tackling scaling challenges in the company’s internal systems.

I’ve never worked for a finance sector company before. (Brex is in the “credit intermediation” industry, which is a subsector of finance.) From talks with my future manager, I can already see two striking differences from any of my previous jobs:

  • Government regulation has a larger presence. Because lots of money changes hands.
  • Brex is much more scrupulous and meticulous with user data and production systems.

A super neat aspect is that I’ve previously worked with half of the team! We were in the same group, or a closely related group, in a previous job. For years. And so I’ll be working with friends/colleagues whom I already know pretty darn well.

We’re all senior developers. I have a history with them. I’ve seen them in different situations and under varying amounts of pressure. And they, me. And it’s more than just respecting their abilities…they’re also good people who (whom?) I’m proud to call friends. Our trust in each other is bang on and this’ll make for a fun and productive team.

I’m eager to dig into the work. But first, I’ve got a week of onboarding!

One thought on “My new job

  1. That’s awesome. Congratulations! I’m in a similar spot at my newest job (Pandemic Response Labs). There’s at least half a dozen folks I worked with — enjoyably — for a few years at a previous job. And regulatory considerations as well, though not to the fintech extent. Just make sure we’re keeping PHI out of the system, stuff like that.

    Have fun onboarding!

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