Stockholm Syndrome

Today I had brunch with a friend who works for a former employer. I was in the same team, reporting to the same clueless manager. Since leaving, I've tried to understand (with the perspective of some distance) how the job went sideways so quickly, why the company allows the manager to continue burning money, and why my … Continue reading Stockholm Syndrome

Coffee Meets Bagel off-site video

Just returned from a three-day off-site company meeting at Lake Tahoe. Brian Fang, an Android developer at Coffee Meets Bagel, make a video about it. These sorts of videos always have an "up" feeling for the purposes of corporate marketing, but I can tell you that in this case it's accurate. I continue to feel … Continue reading Coffee Meets Bagel off-site video

A good job-satisfaction indicator

I've done some work over this weekend. Over this three-day weekend. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

Ending my onboarding 

Coming up on the end of my fourth week at Coffee Meets Bagel. Starting Monday I'll work remotely from Seattle. It's been a fun onboarding period but I'm bushed!

End of my first week!

I've ended my first week at Coffee Meets Bagel. Lots of orientation, names to learn, and tools & processes to understand! I've started digging into the code base and was able to made two minor pull requests. I definitely did not earn my pay this week and I'm telling myself to relax and to not beat … Continue reading End of my first week!

Coffee Meets Bagel

Monday I start working for Coffee Meets Bagel.  I'll be working remotely for them out of my home. One or two days a week I may use a nearby coffee shop.

I’m leaving CBRE

This coming Monday is my last day at CBRE. I've enjoyed working with smart people for the past year, building a new internal tool for CBRE's brokers and managers. A new chapter begins for me in a couple of weeks, but right now I'm amazed at how productive a small motivated team can be. I'm thankful I … Continue reading I’m leaving CBRE

VAX 8600 (Venus) Ibox printset

Here's a complete printset of the Venus Ibox, from 1984. It includes Ibox block diagrams, module and MCA block diagrams, and schematics for the MCAs and modules. I'd bet my bottom dollar that there were ECOs after this version. But this hardware ran VAX/VMS and oodles of software. Most of the page tops are faded. … Continue reading VAX 8600 (Venus) Ibox printset