Plone 2008 Theming bootcamp, day 1

Today was ZPT, TTW philosophy, portal_view_customizations vs. portal_skins, viewlets, and simple customizations. Joel Burton is an excellent instructor.

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center sucks. Many D.C. buildings are huge, but the Reagan building outsizes almost all of them. It’s so large that I found it uncomfortable and disorienting. And sterile, bland, and cold (cold as in feeling, not air temperature). Walking around it during our breaks was depressing. Wi-Fi within it costs $13/day, which is insane! Its only positive attribute was that building security wasn’t onerous — they let you keep your laptop in the bag, and your jacket & shoes on.

A janitor threw out my nifty DVR stand during a break. Sigh. I found a nearby Starbucks, so I’ll make a new one tomorrow morning.

4 thoughts on “Plone 2008 Theming bootcamp, day 1

  1. @Jon: The Wi-Fi supplied for the bootcamp attendees was very spotty and slow yesterday. It wasn’t needed for my course, but, still, it’s something you expect to be available nowadays. 🙂

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