“Microsoft sales, profits plummet”

When talking about revenue or profits, "plummet" isn't a word you want to see in the same paragraph. Two weeks ago, I predicted another Microsoft layoff this year. Today, TechFlash's Todd Bishop reports that Microsoft reported fourth quarter revenue down 17%, and profits down to 34 cents/share. Every division had a revenue decline. Windows Clients … Continue reading “Microsoft sales, profits plummet”

Another Microsoft layoff

I predict Microsoft will have another layoff this year. This is either a bold or stupid thing to say, much less write in a blog. Probably both. I'm no economist, financial guru (to which my last set of brokerage statements will attest), or business seer. Nonetheless, I have two eyes, and a brain that occasionally produces … Continue reading Another Microsoft layoff

Lots happening

Boy have I been a slacker!  I set a schedule for myself to blog at least twice a week, and I've completely blown it.  But since nobody's reading this blog, maybe that's OK. Lots has been going on. I've switched my world from Windows to Macs.  I last used a Mac in 1986, and they've … Continue reading Lots happening

Multiple Django development versions on Windows

Having multiple Django versions on your development box is easy if you're running a flavor of Unix.  You just use symlinks.  As Malcolm Trednick said on django-users: I do it all the time. I five or six different Django codebases that I use with some regularity and switching between them is pretty common (and fast). … Continue reading Multiple Django development versions on Windows