“Microsoft sales, profits plummet”

When talking about revenue or profits, “plummet” isn’t a word you want to see in the same paragraph.

Two weeks ago, I predicted another Microsoft layoff this year. Today, TechFlash’s Todd Bishop reports that Microsoft reported fourth quarter revenue down 17%, and profits down to 34 cents/share. Every division had a revenue decline. Windows Clients had a 29% revenue decline.

This news only reinforces my expectation of another layoff. They’re not going to cut just window dressing this time; they’ll have to hack off some flabby meat chunks.

See the TechFlash post for more info.

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1 comment
  1. John Utz said:

    we have a winner. technically at least. i say technically because 27 peep’s is a rounding error in an employee base of 92K. 92K?? astounding.

    you were right and i was wrong. technically. 🙂


    and if they have a major blowout then i shall be really impressed with your M$FT Tea Leaf Reading Acumen

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