If your cookbook contains a cheesecake recipe, and it says to bake the cake for 10 minutes so a light skin forms on top so the Heath Bar Toffee chunks you now add will stay on top while the cake continues to bake and form a delicious and visually appealing topping, and in fact no skin has formed and the Heath Bar Toffee chunks sink into the cake like naval depth charges, because the “10” should have been a “40,” then your book was sloppily edited and you deserve to have raw ginger pounded up your nose.

I’ve used Aquamacs for the past four years or so. It has its strong points.

But I’ve always been a little unhappy with its slow performance relative to native Emacs (I use a MacBook Pro), and its unique initialization and behaviors. I’m sure there are good reasons for every difference. But each difference, no matter how small, is a little more cognitive load. E.g., I never got used to M-x Info opening up in a new window somewhere on my screen…

Today, I decided to try Emacs for Mac OS X. Whoa! I love it! It’s Emacs, the whole Emacs, and nothing but the Emacs.  Win!

I even donated $50 to the project. So there!


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