Is Ping-o-Matic broken?

I manually invoke Ping-o-Matic after I write a new post on TrenchMice’s blog.  It’s supposed to happen automatically, but doesn’t — something’s amiss with our WordPress installation, and it hasn’t been important enough to debug.

Great service, every blogger uses it, and it’s worked fine for months.  But I started to get either session timeouts, or the “Slow down, you’re pinging too often” page, starting about five days ago.

I informed the Ping-0-Matic powers-that-be.  I did it via a comment to the most recent (but still quite old) entry on their blog,  because I couldn’t find a contact address.  I checked back a day later and my comment was deleted, but they never replied back.  Maybe they already know about it, and I’m the Nth person to ask.

One thought on “Is Ping-o-Matic broken?

  1. Two months later, and I’mm having the same problem — and took the same tack you did: left a comment on that ancient blog post you cite:

    “It’s April 14, 2008, and I’m getting ‘Slow down cowboy!’ every time I ping, for three different blogs, none of which ping automatically (I double-checked to make sure my settings hadn’t changed), and all of which I had NOT pinged in (respectively) approximately 11 hours, 18 hours, and three days. Methinks the bug is back.”

    We’ll see if my comment is approved.

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