A Python Valentine’s Day card

unholidaycards.com are selling cards with this cover art in packages of 10 for $10.  This is funny:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from relationships import *
from alcohol import shot, beer

def valentines_day(self):
if self.dating:
if self.money == 0:
self.dating = False
elif self.num_prev_dates == 0:
self.money -= dinner()
self.money -= pointless_gift()
self.money -= dinner()/sqrt(self.num_prev_dates)
if randInt(self.num_prev_dates):
self.money -= pointless_gift()/self.num_prev_dates
elif self.married:
if self.years_married < 5: self.money -= dinner()/(self.years_married ** 2) else: pass else: while self.blood_alcohol < .08: self.blood_alcohol += beer() while self.blood_alcohol < .22: self.blood_alcohol += shot() sleep(86400)[/sourcecode]

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