A stand for the Sony DVR

I’m bringing my Sony ECM-DS30P voice recorder to D.C., to (hopefully) record my Plone Bootcamp, and some of the Plone 2008 sessions.

I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to just plunk it down on the table, and that I’d make better recordings if I insulate it a bit from vibrations transmitted up from the table surface. These could be caused by me or other people moving things around, e.g. people moving pens, notebooks, coffee cups, and whatnot. (I’m guessing the setup there will be some variation on the conference-room-with-rows-of-long-tables theme…)

So, I made a little stand out of the bottom of a paper coffee cup. Yeah, it’s a Starbucks cup.

Homemade cheap DVR Stand
A homemade cheap DVR Stand
Sony DVR deployed
The Sony DVR deployed!
Sony mic closeup
ECM-DS30P close-up

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