Living in the City

Jeff Carrick came upon my post about a song that was very important to me in my teenage years, but had been lost to time. He commented on it, and followed it up with e-mail, telling me the name of the group, album, and the song name. And he sent me a link to an mp3 of the song.

Oh. My. God.

The refrain of Living in the City, from “Good Times a’ Comin'”, by Hookfoot:

Living in the City
Things can get too heavy
Yes they can, now
You forget the sound of your own voice
And you live out of key
And you cease to be free.

I’m posting this because I love this song, it meant everything to me during a turbulent time in my life, this is my blog and so I’ll write whatever I damn well feel like, I’m touched by Jeff’s generosity, and I want to publicly tip my hat to him.

Jeff, thank you.

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