Some Open Source Bridge talks

I continue to be impressed and excited by the Open Source Bridge conference. It’s easy, because the conference organizers have been a poster child for how to create a first-class grass-roots conference.

I’m doing my small bit to publicize the conference here in Seattle, and did some outreach at PyCon 2009. I’m hoping that John Cook will cover it in TechFlash, at least in an article, or (better) with an article + also covering the conference sessions. [Some of TechFlash’s news choices have been very odd lately, but that’s a post for another day.]

My interest exists at several levels:

  • It’s a conference focused on open-source technologies
  • It’s community- and volunteer-driven and organized
  • Its accessibility, both from being local, and reasonable fees
  • It fills a void left by OSCON’s departure. It also fills voids that existed even when OSCON was here, given OSCON’s straight-ahead technology focus
  • It’s new
  • Note the correct usage of “its” vs. “it’s”
  • I’m unemployed, so what the hell else have I got to do during the day?

Today’s big news is, some talks have been accepted. They are:

RubySpec: What does my Ruby do?, Brian Ford

Drizzle, Rethinking MySQL for the Web, Brian Aker

Advanced Git tutorial: Not your average VCS., Sarah Sharp

Remember Tcl/ Tk? Grandpa might be old, but he can still kick your ass!, Webb Sprague

Open Source Library Software: Empowering Libraries – Creating Opportunities, Lori Ayre

The Linux Kernel Development model, Greg Kroah-Hartman

Configuration Management Panel, Moderated by James Turnbull

My Grand Experiment: A Portland Women-focused Tech Group., Gabrielle Roth

Is the Web Down: a Practical Tutorial on How the Web Works, Michael Schwern, Joshua Keroes

HOWTO earn an open source living without taking on investors or selling your soul, Brian Jamison

A Tour of CodePlex, Sara Ford

Drop ACID and think about data, Bob Ippolito

Organizing a Volunteer-Driven Open Source Community Project, Sarah Beecroft, molly vogt, Joaquin Lippincott, Melissa Anderson

See the announcement blog post for more detail.

If you’re working with/in OSS, this will be an event you won’t want to miss. Sign up today!

One thought on “Some Open Source Bridge talks

  1. By the way, you can comment on each proposal via OpenID. Comments will help us break any ties and bubble up the talks the community really wants to hear.

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