Interesting Open Source Bridge talk proposals

Open Source Bridge‘s proposal deadline is 12:00 midnight tonight.

While I’m not personally interested in all of the proposed talks, they clearly have all had good thought put into them. Here are the ones that have piqued my curiosity:

The Scylla and Charybdis of Open Source Legalese

Using Open Source Principals to Save the Economy

Ubiquitous Angels

Open Source on the Farm

Perl is Undead

Managing the Passionate

Plone in the Cloud – deploying open source applications to Amazon EC2

5 things to know about MySQL if you don’t have a DBA

Assholes are killing your project

generation y, open source community building and the lessons that business is learning ( or should learn) from them both

Turn the Many into One: Using Deliverance to theme your web applications

Intro To Pydra – A Distributed Computing Framework For Python

Open Source Geographic Information Systems

Mercurial: basics to advanced techniques

Driving open source in the enterprise

Learning your authN-Zs

Making Twitter Suck Less With Perl

Open Source Tools In Computational Finance

Where’d my Files Go? A guide to Modern Ubuntu Distributions

Django: Thinking Outside The Blog

Agile Methodologies for Open Source Projects

Opinionated Frameworks for Opinionated Developers

Clustering Data — How to Have Fun in n-Dimensions

Open source: the business case

Layers of Caching: Key to scaling your website

Painless Project Estimation

“M” is for Manual: Creating Documentation for your Project

Web Server Shootout

How can open video become the new TV?

Bringing Newspapers into the future with Open Source

Mistakes We Knew We Were Making: A Cautionary Tale

Configuration Management Panel

The Linux Kernel Development model

Drupal, What is it Good For?

From Plone to Plinkit to Public Libraries

Write your own Bayesian Classifier: An Introduction to Machine Learning

Drizzle, Rethinking MySQL for the Web

If you’re interested by these or any of the other talks, then maybe I’ll see you at the conference?

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5 thoughts on “Interesting Open Source Bridge talk proposals

  1. John,

    It’s great to hear that you’re excited about my talk! (Assholes…) — Please do get in touch at the conference if you have any ideas beforehand or suggestions afterwards, because community isn’t a one-time event for me.

    1. Thanks for asking, but nope, I don’t have any suggestions for you. I’m attending as a wide open vessel, to be filled with your luminosity and wisdom!

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