Tidbits II

Cleaning the mental loft of some odds and ends…

An ex-colleague torpedoed my reputation with a start-up. I uncovered this from the timing of the company’s backing out, a LinkedIn update, and a third party’s casual comment. It gets better: I had been neutral about them, due to doubts about the company’s technical direction and market opportunity. OOTB they said TBNT, and a few days later I discovered the torpedo in the water. The epilogue: I’ve since learned things that confirmed my earlier qualms about the company, so it’s just as well (good for me, actually) that our talks are off. So to my anonymous known admirer: Thanks for helping me dodge a bullet! And, Bitter, party of 1: Your table is ready.

For backing up a small network of Macs, is it better to use a USB drive on each desktop, or a single larger disk hanging off an AirPort Extreme? Separate USB drives will move the backup traffic off the network, allows backups to occur when the network is down, and eliminate a single point of failure. One larger AirPort drive means I’ll spend less $/byte, and have one less box on each desktop. I’m leaning toward separate drives. This isn’t earth-shattering, but if you think I’m overlooking a consideration, do tell.

The local economy has leveled off. The mainstream media breathlessly extolls each not-as-bad-as-before like an improvement. Fools. We’re going to bump along in an “L” shaped recovery for at least one year, and possibly longer. Ceasing to careen downward is a welcome change, but it’s not exactly a recovery.

I’ve been noodling on a few ideas, on my own and with my former boss, Nancy Bruner. Nothing’s congealed yet, but maybe today’s the day.

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2 thoughts on “Tidbits II

  1. That’s dirty pool, for sure. A friend of mine and I often go head-to-head on jobs in the area, and just last week we were the two finalists on a particular job I was really jonesed about. He got the job, and I called and congratulated him. You don’t get anywhere, in this town especially, by stepping on people.

  2. A name immediately comes to mind. But we’ve all been doing this for long enuf for me to imagine that every person that reads this post can imagine their own unique possible suspect.

    i want to hazard a guess. it’s killing me not to!

    But it would be a horrendously crappy thing to do if i was wrong (tho, even if i was wrong about this particular person, he probably did something to deserve it somewhere else 😉 )

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