Fall = Pumpkin Pie

Fall is here. Pumpkins are here. And from pumpkins comes pumpkin pie.

I sure *cough* Joe Heck *cough* hope I get to eat some *cough* Joe *cough* pumpkin pie soon. One of my *cough* Joe *cough* good friends makes a pretty mean pie. He’s not under any obligation *cough* sure as hell he is *cough* to make me a pie or three, just because we’re friends. *cough*dammit I’m waiting.*cough* But I’m just sayin’. *cough* hungry for pie *cough*

  1. Joe said:

    You know, I hadn’t seen any decent pie pumpkins *cough* at Metropolitan Market *cough* if one should *cough* appear on my porch, it might get used…

  2. Joe said:

    Huh… suddenly, 10 pie pumpkins appeared on my front porch. I wonder how that happened.

    I think I’m going to need more whiskey for this level of baking…

    • John said:

      Amazing! It must have been a drive-by vegetabler.

      Whisky’s used in your pumpkin pie?

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