Theater One

We’re finishing upgrading our “TV room” into a “theater room.”

I started by doing a lot of reading, and getting advice from friends like Joe, Robin, and Darin. Then came scale drawings, evaluating formulae for viewing and throw distances, and reading equipment reviews until my eyes bled. What started out as a 50″ plasma on the long wall with components behind the seats, became an 80″ screen on the short wall with components in a dedicated closet and a projector shining through a Water White portal. Oh boy does this rawk!

I’m surprised how much I enjoy not seeing any cables. All the wiring is in the walls. Joe turned me on to this when he demoed his living room’s Bose setup. It’s really nice to enter the room and just see a screen, speakers, and chairs. The cleanliness is relaxing. And no, cable guides aren’t as good.

We’re now waiting for the drapes. Grrrr. We’ll do the final video and audio calibration after they’re installed.

Big props to Jeff George of Theater One. I was skeptical about using a professional theater installer, but he quickly won me over. His equipment and configuration advice were most definitely worth the money. Theater One is in Puyallup, but they do work in Seattle. If you’re thinking about a home theater upgrade, I highly recommend them.

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