Disabling Safari’s Flash Plug-in Warning

Last night, I tried installing the latest Release Candidate of Adobe’s Flash plug-in.

It didn’t install correctly. I uninstalled it, searched for leftover installation files, and then reinstalled. Still didn’t work. I then uninstalled, tried something else, installed, uninstalled, rebooted, installed, uninstalled, tried one last thing, installed. Still didn’t work.

Then, I snapped.

I decided I no longer wanted to put up with Flash’s CPU hogging, crashes, malware, and bad updates.

I uninstalled Flash, and went on a search-and-destroy mission for leftover Flash files. (Adobe, not only does your software stink, but your uninstaller doesn’t work correctly, either.) As an extra bonus, I could also delete ClickToFlash.

My Macbook Pro is now Flash-free!

I’m 12 hours into my no-Flash cold-turkey. So far, the biggest annoyance is the “Safari can’t find the Internet plug-in.” warning that comes up when I visit a site that uses Flash.

Safari can't find...yeah, yeah, I know already.

Even if the site (foolishly) uses Flash for just a minor visual effect, and it’s still perfectly useable, the warning will come up.

Safari’s preferences let me disable all plug-ins, but I want to disable just the Flash plug-in warnings. If you know how to do this, please let me know!

Update: I found how to make those warnings disappear.

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