What Adobe can do instead of whining

Innerdaemon has a short, blunt list of suggestions for Adobe w.r.t. Apple. Money quote:

Some suggestions on what [Adobe] can do to get back in the game instead of whining like a teenager who got dumped for the first time:

  1. Build your own damn tablet, optimized for Flash. Two kids in India built their own…Go buy them if you don’t want to build it yourself…
  2. Start an intermediary transcode service for Flash. Don’t want to build one? Buy RipCode.
  3. Fix Flash for OS X, and resolve CPU hogging issues for iPhone, iPad. Give us a reason to care.
  4. Decide on a corporate strategy and execute… No company can serve all customer segments, target every market. What’s Adobe want to be?
  5. If you can’t decide, sell yourself to Google.

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