Open Source Bridge 2010

If you work with open-source technologies and live in the pacific northwest (or even if you don’t live in the pacific northwest), you ought to strongly consider attending Open Source Bridge in Portland. It’s a 100% grass-roots conference devoted to all things open-source, and an incredible bargain at $300 for four days. From their site:

Open Source Bridge is not a typical technical conference:

  • It’s entirely volunteer-run, by developers, for developers.
  • Session tracks are technology agnostic; the conference content is based around shared community experiences and similarities between projects, not differences.
  • Proposals are public from the start, and we welcome community comments before our content team selects the featured talks.
  • A 24-hour hacker lounge is an integral part of the conference for code sprints, bug bashes, session deep dives, bouncing ideas, starting new projects or just mingling with other geeks.

Peruse the session list, get interested, and then register!

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