Bitbucket is ill

I recently questioned whether Bitbucket was suffering from neglect. My conclusion was, “yes”…

Jesper Noehr, a (the?) Bitbucket developer, replied to the post. He said Bitbucket’s development was “quite active.”

But… Bitbucket’s newsfeed has been “temporarily” disabled for over a week:

Bitbucket newsfeed problem
Bitbucket newsfeed problem

Then there’s their customer support. I pay for my Bitbucket account, so I’d like to think I can occasionally get a helping hand. In early May, I clicked the wrong button while deleting a repository, and left a goofy pointer page in its place instead of completely deleting it.

So I sent them a simple request:

Bitbucket request
Bitbucket request

It bounced. Hrm.

Being a resourceful fellow, I found Jesper on the web, and asked him what to do. He said to e-mail him directly about my problem, which I did. That was nice.

But nothing happened. I gave him a friendly ping about it a few days later. Nothing. Then I pinged him again. Again nothing.

It looks to me like Bitbucket’s on the way out/down, and there’s no effort going in to either ongoing support or feature development. I’m basing this on all the external symptoms. If you’re looking for an online repository, I recommend you do not use it. An alternative service, which in fact gives you the choice of three different VCSes on the back end (!), is Codebase. We’re using it at work, and so far it seems to be a good choice.

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One thought on “Bitbucket is ill

  1. Google trends. You googled them, right? So did everyone else who’s looking.

    Github shows steadily rising search volume from Q4 2008. Bitbucket returns “bitbucket does not have enough search volume for ranking.”

    Heh. The plural of “anecdote” is “data.”

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