PyCon 2011, Day 1

A live blog of the day.

1750: Back in my hotel room. Going to get dinner in the hotel, then decide what to do. Might chill early — must pace myself…

1722: End of the formal sessions. Now there are lightning talks, BOF sessions, and I’m wondering how long keep going before calling it a day.

1645: How to write obfuscated python.

1520: Extreme Network Programming with Python and Linux. Very dry, very interesting. It may be because of the time of day, but I had difficulty absorbing this talk.

1452: Reverse-engineering Ian Bicking’s brain: inside pip and virtualenv. Excellent.

1335: Useful Namespaces: Context Managers and Decorators. Jack Diederich is smart, a dry presenter with a very high S:N ratio. Great talk.

1335: Python 3: the next generation is here already. There are a few Python 3 talks here. This is my first one. A good talk, at exactly the detail level that I was looking for.

1145: Using Python 3 to Build a Cloud Computing Service for my Superboard II. A David Beazley talk!

1105: Python: The Secret Sauce in the Open Cloud.

1025: Distributed Tasks with Celery. Less meat than I had hoped for.

0842: Four large pints of Oatmeal Stout last night was perhaps not a wise choice. It was fun then, but… I’m warming up the matter/anti-matter warp cores and am having trouble finding the right intermix formula. The keynote starts at 9.

Hilary Mason – a great speaker!

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