PyCon 2011, Day 2

A live blog of the day.

1745: Lightning talks.

1645: How to kill a patent with Python. A talk directly relevant to my IP Street work. He claims that a patent’s abstract and background are the most relevant for domain searches. He developed display graphs very similar to a couple of IP Street’s lenses.

1545: Handling ridiculous amounts of data with probabilistic data structures. C. Titus Brown is smart && a great speaker.

1445: Advanced Network Architectures With ZeroMQ. Don’t use this on the Internet. Less than my expectations.

1402: Exhibition of Atrocity. Popcorn, anyone? Hungarian notation – I remember that from my Windows NT work. Overly nested list comprehensions. Function parameters with list defaults. Classes that are 2,900 LOC. God methods. Errors that pass silently.

1335: Continuous deployment. I’ve thought about trying continuous deployment at IP Street. Ten minutes or less, trunk to production! “Turn deployment into a non-event.” Two big problems at work: We don’t have anywhere near the test coverage needed for this, and our CI/monitoring/measuring procedures are, um, thin. And schema changes are hard in a CD environment.

1151: API Design anti-patterns

1026: Deploying Applications with zc.buildout. I’ve previously tried but failed to grok zc.buildout. Maybe this will give me the necessary critical mass. Update: It gave me the critical mass to know that packaging application distributions gives me a headache.

1105: Python for High Performance Computing.

0902: Dropbox, Guido, etc.

0828: Lightning talks are about to start. Psyched for the day. Boo-yah!

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