PyCon 2011, Day 3

A live blog of the day..

1611: That’s all, folks! Will now figure out what to do before leaving to return home tomorrow. And I have some ideas for how to spend my time on the bus; I need to flesh those out.

1430: Lightning talks and closing remarks.

1340: Hidden Treasures in the Standard Library. A clever trick for serializing arbitrary objects and classes in JSON. Good logging tips.

1310: Scaling Python past 100. Meh.

1138: That was fun! I talked about my bus trip. One question was, Am I going to archive my tweets for posterity? I don’t normally hear “posterity” used in connection with something I do. Fascinating.

It’ll be released (sometime) on from python import podcast and lococast.

Now waiting for An outsider’s look at co-routines to begin. Gevent, Eventlet, Concurrence, uWSGI, Greenlet.

1105: Was just asked to talk about my bus trip on a podcast. Details to follow.

1101: Poster session was good. One poster, about ASKBOT, may be directly relevant to my job. Now surfing until the next talk.

0846: Sashayed into the lightning talks. The day’s keynotes start at 9. Disqus: 16 employees, eight of which are engineers; 25 K requests/sec peak, 500 MM unique visitors/month; ~ 100 servers, 35% are running apache and Django, 20% are databases running Postgres; background tasks use Celery; server monitoring uses Graphite.

0730: Breakfast. I don’t like Daylight Saving Time.

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