I’m still looking for a great UI Developer

I’ve filled my Senior Developer position. Whew!

I’m still looking for a Senior UI Developer. If you’re a front-end developer who wants to work on a site with cool data visualizations, contact me!


Title: Senior UI Developer

Reports to: CTO

Location: Seattle, WA

About IP Street

Founded in 2009, IP Street develops and markets software to help corporations, law firms, financial research firms, and government agencies better analyze patent-related information. Our goal is to make IP data easy to get, use, and understand, so everyone can have access to high quality and transparent information.

Learn more about IP Street by visiting http://www.ipstreet.com


We’re seeking a great data visualization developer skilled in UI look and feel, and user experience. We have graphics expertise already; we’re looking for someone with experience in page templates, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and charting packages.

Key Responsibilities

  • Enhance and extend existing page templates and JavaScript to create new product features
  • Work with Product Manager and other team members to prototype and refine proposed new features
  • Design graphical visualization of 100s to 1000s of datapoints
  • Swiftly classify reported bugs as being front-end or server-side
  • Occasionally wear testing or other “hats” as the need arises


  • 7+ years experience in developing web application front-ends using JavaScript and a template-based web framework, such as Django
  • 4+ years experience in Ajax, JSON, jQuery or similar JavaScript library
  • Experience building single page JavaScript-heavy applications
  • Well-versed in object-oriented design patterns used in UI
  • Solid abilities in cross-browser coding, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Solid ability to be self-directed and proactive
  • Extremely familiar with web application performance best practices
  • Enjoy all aspects of software product creation — design, implementation, and debugging
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Excellent communication skills

Bonus Points

  • Experience in working with a graphing package, such as Highcharts
  • Aptitude for creating compelling data visualizations
  • Experience with JavaScript MVC frameworks, such as SproutCore or Backbone

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