IP Street’s Senior Developer opening now more about Search, less about Python/Django

After some job market feedback and chin-scratching, I’ve changed our Senior Developer opening’s job description. Now it’s less about Python or Django, and more about search technologies, specifically full-text and LSI search.

We hope candidates will have some experience with Python or Django, but search technology experience (e.g., tuning, tokenizers, parsers, relevancy rank tweaking, aggregates and pivots) in now more important, and emphasized, in the the job.

Here’s the new description:


Founded in 2009, IP Street develops and markets software to help corporations, law firms, financial research firms, and government agencies better analyze patent information.  Our goal is to make IP data easy to get, use, and understand, so everyone can have access to high quality and transparent information.

A significant facet of our application’s capabilities are derived from Solr and other search technologies. We’re seeking a great full-text Search developer with experience in:

  • Solr, Lucene, or other search engines
  • Full-text search schemas, tokenizers, parsers, and rules for returning statistics and meaningful analytics
  • Automated workflows that process millions of objects
  • Data quality metrics and repairs

You’ll be joining us at a great time! Revenue is coming in, and we’ve done two Angel funding rounds at increasing valuations.

Key Responsibilities.

  • Enhance our Solr engine to provide more statistics and meaningful analytics to the product
  • Enhance or tune our use of other search technologies, e.g., LSI
  • Enhance and extend the existing code base to add new product features. Our application is written in Django and Python, with an almost all open-source technology stack
  • Occasionally wear testing or devops “hats,” as the needs arise
  • Write unit tests for your code, and do performance analysis
  • Demonstrate technical leadership within the team
  • Communicate well with the team, in writing and orally


  • Significant experience using and tuning Solr, Lucene, or other search engines with similar capabilities
  • 3+ years related experience in Python development
  • 1+ years experience in Django development, or a strong interest in learning
  • Experience using one or more of: MongoDB, CouchDB, or another NoSQL database; Celery; Redis; PostgreSQL or another SQL database
  • Experience using latent semantic indexing search technologies would be a plus
  • Experience integrating with open-source 3rd-party libraries
  • Experience creating customer-focused software to process data and generate statistics and analytics
  • Solid troubleshooting abilities, self-directed, and proactive
  • Enjoy all aspects of software product creation — design, implementation, and debugging
  • Familiarity with using OS X as a development environment, and Linux as a production environment
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Excellent communication skills

Salary is DOE.

Please send resume to johnd@ipstreet.com.

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