Open Source Bridge 2012, day 2

Not sure I’ll listen to today’s keynote. Update: Nope, I didn’t go to the keynote.

How not to Release Software: My warp engines are finally on-line. A good talk. It was oriented, not surprisingly given the conference at which it was being given, toward web sites/servers/applications. Holy crap, there are two Mozilla projects still maintained in CVS repositories!

At IP Street, we commit a few of the “sins” mentioned. Every system has tradeoffs, and a small start-up has all kinds of judgement calls of the form, “What’s the right amount of process for us to now have?” Here’s a hint: If you worry about implementing CMM levels, you’ll fail.

<Your Favorite Programming Language> Loses: Emacs used as a slide show! Some good ideas, some tedium, and an unsatisfying S:N ratio. This could have been compressed into half the time, or, this could have covered a lot more ground at the same detail, or, this could have drilled down deeper into each topic. The issues the speaker deemed important made me feel like I was taking a time warp back to 1994.

What is my Kernel Doing?: Good talk. Takes me back to my Master’s Thesis.


DevOps: Good talk about development’s view of operations, vice versa, and guidelines for integration of the two.

Systems Thinking: Great talk about the different systems theory domains and rules that can be at work in a large complex leaderless system.

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