Open Source Bridge 2012, day 1

Yadda yadda yadda. Live post. You know the drill.

Nginx: I’ve been an Apache httpd user since FSM knows when. I’ve never been persuaded by artificial benchmarks. I don’t worry about small front-end inefficiencies when the application spends gobs of back-end time talking to other servers. It’s more important to use a front-end technology that is familiar and rock-solid, and httpd & mod_wsgi fit that bill. Still…I want to stay abreast of server zeitgeists.

This talk was thin. It had a lot of this and that, but no smoking httpd+mod_wsgi gun.

I’d like to see a no-nonsense informed comparison of Nginx vs. Apache httpd. This talk isn’t it. An inauspicious start was a six-year old quote about a lighttpd memory leak, which their bug database says wasn’t a bug at all.

How and When to do it Wrong: This sounds appealing. Update: It didn’t meet my expectations, but it was better toward the end when it got into rich client-side UI.

Text Lacks Empathy: Simple but thought-provoking talk.

Browser Hacking: Mozilla- and gekko- centric talk, but still worthwhile. Open browser ecosystems spanning different device profiles = competitive advantage.


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