PyCon tutorials, day 1

This morning was Intro to Docker. I’ve wanted to try Docker, but didn’t have the latitude and bandwidth for that at my previous employer, and wasn’t sufficiently compelled to spend my personal time on it. This tutorial took us from ground zero up through coordinating and publishing multiple containers with docker-compose and docker-machine. This was a great tutorial, and I now grok much more about Docker, both good and (for the time being) not-so-good.

This afternoon was a DevOps tutorial that promised to compare SaltStack, Ansible, and Fabric. Unfortunately it did none of that. Fully 1.3 hours into the session, the presenter was still futzing around with the network and his laptop settings. A complete disaster and waste of time. I bugged out and sat in on the 3D graphics with Blender and Python Epiphanies tutorials, then bugged out of those and chatted with other attendees in the common areas.

Tonight I’m up for dinner out if I can connect with some folks. Otherwise, I’ll hunt for a restaurant on my own.

So today was a hit and a miss, with a salvage.

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