We’ve switched to a roof OTA antenna

A follow-up on our undertaking of cutting the cord and using an OTA antenna…

Prodded by friends, we decided to have a roof antenna installed. Some channels weren’t coming in reliably with our in-the-closet setup, and some channels (notably KING5) didn’t come in at all.

It’s not easy finding an OTA antenna installation company. Many companies advertise satellite antennas without any mention of terrestrial antennas.

I went with Home Satellite.

My wife claims I’m OCD about this stuff, so I thought it therapeutic to go with the flow this one time. They recommended a Solid Signal antenna, the HDB8X 8 Bay Xtreme VHF/UHF Outdoor Antenna.  I said, fine.

They came, they installed, and…Voila! More channels and better reception. Both sides are pointed towards the east, so we have the greatest reception from that direction. (There’s minimal reception in other directions.) They advised me to forgo a rotor since I’m smack-dab in the city and didn’t require the best possible reception of stations broadcasting from the south, north, or west.

Even with this additional cost, we’re saving a lot of money by cutting the cord.

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