Open Source Bridge 2011: Day 1 Liveblog

1630: Rather than hitting the night's parties and socials, I'm going back to my room to chill. Have to pace myself. 🙂 1545: Massively Scaling Django for a Global Audience with Playdoh, Frederic Wenzel. The speaker works at Mozilla, which has more than 140 live websites. Lots of sites, lots of load, lots of scaling. … Continue reading Open Source Bridge 2011: Day 1 Liveblog

Heading to Portland

Monday, I'm Portland-bound for Open Source Bridge. I'm looking forward to the community, seeing old friends & acquaintances, learning some new tricks, maybe discreetly spreading the word about the work I'm doing at IP Street, and learning about new Portland startups and small companies that are using Python.

Open Source Bridge 2011 schedule

The Open Source Bridge schedule has been published. Yeowzer, I can't wait! I'm going to make this conference a combination learning && networking && vacation. If I do my job correctly, when I return I'll be exhausted and need a blood transfusion.

Lots cookin’

My work is going well. We released a substantial pre-alpha of our product, and the first reactions are positive. I can't say more than that, except to say that we're now in a slog to reach the next release, which, if all goes well, will be somewhere between an alpha and a beta. Time will … Continue reading Lots cookin’

Open Source Bridge 2010 feedback

It's over. It was great. I learned a lot. I didn't give back as much as I wanted to. Well, that's a little dishonest - I don't think I gave back at all. I intended to (I had a crackin' idea for a lightning talk) but I didn't carry through. My bad. I will do … Continue reading Open Source Bridge 2010 feedback

Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 4

15:30: Ending keynote and session wrap-up. 14:30: NSFW. Don't remember what this is, but the name intrigues. Heh, among other things, fun with Chat Roulette. 14:15: It was. 13:30: Advanced Trolling. This should be good. 12:06: Lunch... 10:15: UX and usability discussion. 9:04: Selena puts up slide saying this is the FINAL DAY. Gah! Not … Continue reading Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 4

Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 3

16:45: Your Internets are Leaking. The talk starts with a Wireshark realtime display of the local net projected up on the front screen. Funny. 16:39: I left my parka behind in an earlier session. I return to that room to find it still on the back of the chair in which I was sitting. 15:45: … Continue reading Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 3

Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 2

19:00: Checking the PostgreSQL BOF session. Oh, Selena's here, that's a +1. News and tidbits about Postgres 9... I made a lame joke about Postgres running on Android, and the response was a serious, "I don't think so, not yet." (The times, they are a-changin'.) Postgres' site will be migrated to Django. Hot-standby replication and … Continue reading Liveblog: Open Source Bridge, day 2