Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo on a Mac?

Has anyone out there configured a LinkStation Pro Duo 2.0TB NAS drive with a Mac?

This LinkStation unit comes with a “NAS Navigator” application, which is supposed to find it on the network.

But it doesn’t.  The application doesn’t find s***.

I don’t need NAS Navigator, since I can set up the LinkStation from a browser.  (I.e., the admin interface is accessible at 192.168.1.xxx…)  But it bugs me that stuff like this doesn’t work out of the box.  It would have been faster if the instructions just said, “Start fishing for your new LinkStation, starting with the lowest DHCP address generated by your DHCP server.  Happy hunting.”  It’s what I eventually did.

3 thoughts on “Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo on a Mac?

  1. Trying for months. Finally got it to hook up to the mac with trial and error and tech support. There are problems. The firmware must be updated. Even then it won’t let me copy over files with long names or characters that it can’t recognize from a mac. Very frustrating. Tech support was trying to help, then suddenly stopped returning emails. Long time on hold to get techs and they seem unfamiliar with mac. Still not resolved.

  2. @james: I hear you. Dealing with peripheral vendors can be very frustrating. I’ve come to ignore official support channels for the most part, and instead rely on unofficial ones, like forums and blogs.

    I am sure I’ve received more support from Google searching than I ever have from any vendor!

    I contacted Buffalo about that firmware upgrade myself, to ask when it would be available in a Mac format. They never answered me. So I’m planning to try upgrading the firmware from my wife’s old (1GHz PIII) laptop.

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