Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo 1.02 firmware upgrade -> Heart attack

Buffalo Technology released a 1.02 firmware upgrade for the LinkStation Pro Duo, which I own. As I mentioned in another post, they didn’t release it in a Mac-compatible format. Boo, hiss.

So, I tried upgrading it from my wife’s old Windows laptop. The upgrade application featured broken English messages. Very nice. All your base are belong to us.

At the end, the application said the upgrade failed, the LED panel flashed a red “!”, the diagnostic code translated into “bad ROM”, and the unit was off the net. I nearly had a heart attack.

Power-cycled, and all is well. The firmware upgrade was successful, after all.

2 thoughts on “Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo 1.02 firmware upgrade -> Heart attack

  1. Hey…

    Do you happen to know what the upgrade does? I can’t find a changelog anywhere.

    Also, have you unlocked your LS with acp_commander? I’m reluctant to upgrade until I know I can get back in.


  2. @mjmac: No, I couldn’t find a change log or release notes, either. That was pretty bogus, thanks for pointing it out. I neglected to mention it…

    I guess I installed the upgrade on faith that it would be better, somehow, and fix something, somewhere, that I would benefit from, in some way. 🙂 I normally take all upgrades anyway, so, to be honest, with or without release notes, I’ll usually go ahead and upgrade.

    Since installing it, I haven’t noticed anything faster. 😦 OTOH, nothing’s worse, either, that I’m aware of. 😐

    I’ve never used acp_commander.

    Something else that bugs me is that the exterior controls of my LinkStation bear no resemblance to the diagrams or descriptions within the owner’s manual. Sheesh!

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