IP Street is looking for a Senior Developer

We’re looking to hire two lucky people who desire fame and fortune. Here’s the Senior Developer opening:

Founded in 2009, IP Street develops and markets software to help corporations, law firms, financial research firms, and government agencies better analyze patent-related information.  Our goal is to make IP data easy to get, use, and understand, so everyone can have access to high quality and transparent information.

We’re seeking a great Python developer with experience in: Automated workflows that process millions of objects; data quality metrics and repairs; search, particularly with Solr or Lucene; and/or general data mining. Our stack, and development & production environments, are almost all open-source. The key technologies are Python, Django, Celery, Solr, and PostgreSQL.

You’ll be joining us at a great time! Revenue is coming in, we’ve done two Angel funding rounds at increasing valuations, and have $ in the bank. If you want more responsibility and authority, no problem, you can have as much as you want!

Key Responsibilities.

  • Enhance and extend existing code base to add new features to the product
  • Extend Solr engine to provide more statistics and meaningful analytics to the product
  • Design or co-design new product features, including designing the client and server-side tasks, and creating APIs
  • Occasionally wear testing or devops “hats,” as the needs arise
  • Write unit tests for your code, and doing performance analysis
  • Demonstrate technical leadership within the team
  • Communicate well with the team, in writing and verbally


  • 7+ years related experience in Python development
  • 3+ years significant experience in Django development
  • Significant experience using Solr or Lucene
  • Experience using one or more of: Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL or another SQL database, mongoDB or another NoSQL database
  • Experience integrating with open-source 3rd-party libraries
  • Experience writing JavaScript is a plus
  • Experience creating customer-focused software to process data and generate statistics and analytics
  • A track record of creating great code and clean, well-defined APIs
  • Solid troubleshooting abilities, self-directed, and proactive
  • Enjoy all aspects of software product creation — design, implementation, and debugging
  • Familiarity with OS X as a development environment, and Linux as a production environment
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • Excellent communication skills

Salary is DOE.

Please send resume to johnd@ipstreet.com.

6 thoughts on “IP Street is looking for a Senior Developer

  1. 7+ years experience in Django?

    I will help you out and show you the only three programmers that make the cut:

    Adrian Holovaty
    Simon Willison
    Jakoc Kaplan-Moss

    1. Point taken. This is the result of an editing bug / oversight when I merged the Python and Django bullets. I’ll ratchet that down a bit.

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