Solar power installer selected!

We selected A&R Solar to install our photovoltaic system and signed the contract.

The broad elements of the system are:

  • Thirty-one Panasonic EverVolt 410W panels
  • SolarEdge
  • Power: 12.71 kW
  • Annual energy: 10,562 kWh in year 1
  • Installation cost: $40,134
  • …after Federal tax credit: $29,699
  • Annual projected energy savings in year 1: $1,304

The runner-up was a proposal from Puget Sound Solar.

Both proposals were well designed and documented, and competitive. Both companies promptly answered my questions.

PSS’s proposal was a little less expensive, but I had better rapport with A&R Solar. (That’s not to say my rapport with PSS was lacking. Just that A&R Solar was better.)

I also like that A&R Solar is a Certified B Corporation and Social Purpose Corporation.

I recommend both companies if you’re looking into residential solar power, based on their proposals and interactions to-date.

The installation will happen over the summer.

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